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Welcome to our website. Glad you found us. Established in September 2008 as Ramsbottom Table Tennis Academy, our club is for anyone aged between 7 years and 16 years and we cater to ALL abilities. The academy aims to encourage both boys and girls to learn to play the fastest game on earth!

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Your First Visit

When you first come to us we will check whether; you have played before, you have your own bat, you are wearing suitable clothing and shoes/trainers. Everyone comes to our first session starting at 6.00pm so our coaches can assess your playing ability. Depending on your skills you will either stay in the first session or we will ask you to come to the 7.30pm session because we feel that you have a good level of TT skills and will progress better there.

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If you improve your table tennis skills there are plenty of opportunities that we can offer you for you to play competitive table tennis, locally and further afield. The table tennis season runs from September to April/May time. We run our coaching sessions through to the first week in July and then have a break until the first week in September.

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