Your First Visit

When you first come to us we will check whether; you have played before, you have your own bat, you are wearing suitable clothing and shoes/trainers.

Everyone comes to our first session starting at 6.00pm so our coaches can assess your playing ability.  Depending on your skills you will either stay in the first session or we will ask you to come to the 7.30pm session because we feel that you have a good level of TT skills and will progress better there.

Please see our Membership Costs page for 3 different ways to pay. There is an additional £10 Club membership fee and £8 membership to TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND, the sport’s governing body. As a ‘Clubmark’ accredited club and a ‘PremierClub’ with TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND we have to show that you pay a membership fee. Everyone who joins gets a membership card, electronically with a number from TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND.

We insist that everyone has their own bat when you come to us. If you have a bat we like to check it to make sure it is OK for your skills. If you haven’t got one we supply them, with a cover for £25. That’s what we pay for them, we make no profit on these. If your bat isn’t suitable for you we will tell you. It’s very important that you start with a ‘decent’ bat.

The only other cost is for a club shirt. We do like everyone to have their own shirt. You will see them on our members when you come to us. They are table tennis specific shirts made by STIGA, one of the main TT equipment suppliers. Our coaches will be able to advise you where locally you can get the club shirts which currently cost £20.

The only slight problem for our new younger Members is that the shirts are only adult sizes but start at XXS. Here is a table of the sizes.

Adult Size – Child equivalent:

XXS – 11 to 12 years (32″ to34″)

XS – 34″ to 36″

Small – 36″ to 38″

Medium – 38″ to 40″

Large – 40″ to 42″

Dependent on numbers we may be able supply smaller polo shirts which were the club shirts we supplied before the STIGA ones. We would need the shirt size you require before ordering.

After all of this all you need to Practice, Practice, Practice to become a better table tennis player. GOOD LUCK!