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ETTA Cadet League, 3rd February 2013

Adam Kenzitt, Harry Bell and Sam Murphy at the ETTA Cadet League, 3rd February 2013

At the third of four fixtures of the ETTA Cadet League we had a new comer, seen on the right of the photo. Sam Murphy who is just turned 11 played in his first ever competitive event on Sunday 3rd February and played very well.

Adam Kenzitt aged 13 on the left  and Harry Bell aged 12 in the middle played in the Cadet Last season so were ‘old hands’ showing Sam the way.

The team was in division two this year, one higher than last season so the standard was just a little too high for Sam though the overall result for the day was good. In five matches during the day we won two, lost two and drew the other so we were well pleased with the result.

There is one more fixture which is next month and it is likely that we will have the same three players again unless the coaches see anyone else at our Friday night coaching who may be interested in playing.

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