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RTTA Review of 2017

At the last session of the year (15th December) winner and runner up medals were presented for the 6 half term tournaments run throughout the year for each session. Then Butterfly Skills certificates were presented to each individual for their achievement in each of the skills set, ranging from Bronze Improver to Gold Advanced. Morgan Charnley was the first member to achieve this level.

The next set of awards were as follows:

1st Session2nd Session
Most Improved PlayerOliver WilcockThomas Hurst
Coaches Player of the Year For their excellent concentration & work rate, their thirst to improve & fair play and respect to the Coaches and fellow members.Jenna RoachMatt Edmondson
Best sportsman/woman
of the year
Nathan Faun For his attitude on several occasions putting the Teams and the club first. By stepping down in the Handicap Cup Final for the A team which they won. More recently stepping down to play for the B team in the Cadet league so that three teams represented the Academy on the day.
Volunteer of the yearJames Bennett For his weekly assistance with the beginners in the first session.

Cadet League

The results so far in the Cadet League over the first two rounds of the 2017-18 season:

A Team

The A team of Ben, Thomas and Sam gave a fantastic performance on the first Sunday, (12th November), in the first division, with two 6-0 wins, a 4-2 win (against our B Team) and a narrow 2-4 defeat to an exceptionally talented Halton A squad. Thomas

Hurst had an exceptional day with a 100% record followed by a commendable 62% average for both Ben and Sam.

On the second Sunday, (3rd December), with a four-man squad, including Nathan, the Team again had two 6-0 wins but unfortunately lost to both Halton teams 0-6 & 2-4. Thomas led the averages again with 67%, with Ben, Sam and Nathan on 33%.

B Team

The B team of Nathan, Matt and Cory had an uphill struggle being placed in the 1st division for the first time due to fewer teams being entered, but gave an impressive performance drawing two matches on the first Sunday with two defeats, 0-6 and 2-4. Matt Edmondson rose to the occasion with a 62% record, a fantastic achievement for his first time in the first division with both Nathan and Cory picking up a couple of excellent wins with a few narrow defeats.

On the second Sunday the team of Matt, Cory and Reece lost three matches 0-6 and one at 2-4. It was a very testing day with some narrow defeats but Reece gave an exceptional performance playing in the first division for the first time.

C Team

Our C team of Oliver, Jack, Luca and Jenna gave a fantastic performance in the 3rd division with two 4-2 wins, one draw and one 0-6 defeat. Their work rate, good sporting attitude and team work was commendable considering that Oliver, Luca & Jenna had never played competitively before.

The second Sunday the team of Lucas, Oliver, Jack & Jenna (unfortunately Luca had broken his arm) drew 2 and lost 3 but again all three gave competitive performances with some very narrow defeats but all four of them thoroughly enjoying their tournament experience.

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