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Cadet League 9th November 2014

Sunday 9th November 2014 is a date to remember for Matthew Edmondson, aged 9; Sam Jeffries aged 11; Henry Hathaway aged 11 and Luke O’Donoughue aged 12. They all played in the Table Tennis England Cadet League at The Halton Stadium in Widnes. The venue has 18 tables full of some of the best Cadets (under 14 years of age) in the North West.

The competition is levelled at absolute beginners to table tennis as far as playing competitive matches. Our ‘boys’ were competing with players who are in larger clubs who can play and practice their TT more than the 1 hour a week that the Academy can currently offer. So when they played their first of five matches and won it 6-0 it was the best start they could have hoped for.

Matches are teams of three and they play two sets each playing the best of five games. In the other four matches they drew two and lost 1-5 and 0-6 against very strong opposition.

Full results and individual wins to follow.


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