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Table Tennis England – National Cadet League Fixture

On Sunday 8th February Henry Hathaway aged 11, Sam Jeffries aged 11, Ben Strapps aged 10 and Thomas Hurst aged 10 took part in the Table Tennis England – National Cadet League Fixture at the North West Regional Table Tennis Centre at Halton, Widnes. This was the third fixture of four and they played five matches during the day so they had a lot of table tennis to play.

The Academy team was placed in a very respectable third place out of six teams in division three.

The squad of four players made three in a team for each match. Ben, Sam and Thomas played four sets and Henry played three. Ben and Thomas finished with a very creditable four wins out of eight matches, Sam had three out of eight. Henry was so close on many occasions to a win and unfortunately lost the six sets he played. All four had many games that went to deuce and several sets went the distance playing five games. The more experience they gain then the more of these very close games and sets will be converted to wins.

They all encouraged each other throughout the day and their enthusiasm and determination was a credit to all four and the Academy. Well done Henry, Sam, Thomas and Ben.

Just a footnote about the opposition they played against. A lot of the clubs they played have their own club premises and are able to practice several nights a week. So the results show how well they did against opposition who play and practice much more ‘TT’!

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